Cross Hammock Ultralight

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  • New! The Cross Hammock Ultralight is by far the lightest mosquito net hammock on the market. It weighs only 7.5 oz in the pack.
  • The Cross Hammock Ultralight requires careful and careful handling of the very thin material Cloud71.
  • Ideally, users should already have experience with another, more robust model of the Cross Hammock.
  • The upper weight limit is 170 lb.
  • mosquito net made of 0,5 oz Noseeum Bug Netting
  • non adjustable Ridgeline made of Lash-it! 1,75mm
  • side cords made of Dyneema 0,7 mm
  • adjustable headrest
  • insertion pockets for sleeping mat
  • Two inner side pockets left and right for small items (glasses, cell phone, headlamp)
  • We offer UHMWPE daisy chains as suspension straps. These weigh only 90 g and allow an uncomplicated suspension of the Cross Hammock without metal parts. In addition, they can withstand loads of up to 700 kg and have hardly any stretch. As an alternative, no suspension can be chosen. Then only the hammock is delivered including the Evo Loops.
  • The Cross Hammock is attached to the tree straps with Evo Loops. These weigh only 7 g and are completely intuitive to use.

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Cross Hammock
Model Ultralight

The Cross Hammock Ultralight comes with:

  • packing bag
  • side cords
  • ridgeline
  • 2 evo loops
  • 2 tree straps of 2.20 m each from UHMWPE Daisy Chain or no suspension