Cross Hammock DCF Summer Tarp


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The DCF Summer Tarp offers good weather protection in summer and can be used for all Cross Hammocks. The camouflage coating achieves a much greater camouflage effect than with the transparent normal DCF material. Because you hang asymmetrically in the Cross Hammock, the DCF Tarp is also constructed asymmetrically, i.e. the foot section is further away from the ridgeline than the head section.

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Cross Hammock DCF Tarp

  • Size 190 x 330 cm = 6,5 x 11 ft
  • made of Dyneema 0.67 oz Camouflage Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT1E.08/C21K.18
  • Six anchor points at the corners and the centre line with LineLocs and Line tensioners with movable bridge
  • Low stretch guy ropes made of 2 x 0,5 m and 4 x 2,5 m Zing-It-Dyneema cord 1,75 mm
  • Delivery in stuff sack
  • weight 170 g / 6 oz, including lines and stuff sack