Carbon Tree Hammock Stand


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  • four five-piece tubes, each with shock cord and connected to each other with Soft Shackles
  • 2 guy cords Zing-It!
  • 1 bottom cord Amsteel 7/64
  • maximum load up to 80 kg
  • New model incl. 2 titanium pegs!

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Here we present the latest development of Cross Hammock: the Carbon Tree – a unique hammock stand! It is completely made of carbon fiber tubes, the guy cords and fastening elements are made of Dyneema. The combination of these high-tech components makes it possible to limit the total weight to 1800 grams. The Carbon Tree is the lightest hammock stand on the market. It is also completely intuitive and easy to set up. All four parts remain permanently connected to each other; all you have to do is put them together, set them up and unhook them. The carbon tree has been developed and extensively tested with the Cross Hammock.

I no longer recommend the use of normal gathered-end hammocks at this time, because the changed geometry during set-up means that much higher forces occur there, for which the Carbon Tree may not be suitable.